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275+ PURELY Delicious Nicotine Extracted from Locally Grown NC, USA Tobacco | NO PESTICIDES OR RESIDUE

Military Veteran Discount

20% Discount at The Vapor Girl for Active and Retired Military Veterans.

Victoria, the Owner of The Vapor Girl's father was a Naval Officer in WW2. Her father in law was also in WW2 and her brother in law in Vietnam. So we are very into the Military Culture and understand that the USA Military does so much for us. So this is one small way we can give back to you and give you the respect and honor you so deserve.

We know most of the military branches support vaping. But maybe it's difficult to afford the premium eliquids you so merit. The Vapor Girl eliquids are pure and made in the USA with USA made nicotine. No need to worry about Chinese or Indian nicotine in our e juice. Please use this discount as often as necessary and let your military friends and family know as well.

Thank you for all that you do .

love, the vapor girl

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