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275+ PURELY Delicious Nicotine Extracted from Locally Grown NC, USA Tobacco | NO PESTICIDES OR RESIDUE

Shipping FAQ

What are your shipping options?

According to how much your order weighs and where you are located, you may have one, several, or all our shipping options:

USPS First-Class Mail Parcel

USPS Priority Mail 2-Day

USPS Priority Mail 3-Day

USPS Standard Post

Customer Pick Up Chapel Hill NC Factory Location

Do you have FREE Shipping?

Occassionally we do have coupons for free shipping.

What does the Priority 2-Day or 3-Day mean?

PRIORITY MAIL, in a perfect world, would arrive in the number of days it says (after it has been mailed.) When the USPS says 2 day, or 3 day, or even 1 day, it means they TRY to get it there that fast. It’s not a guarantee. And understand although we have very short lead times here (the time between you order and the time it goes out the door) we don’t have ANY control over the USPS. We are, unfortunately, not godlike and cannot do anything if the USPS decides to take 3 days to deliver your priority mail. No amount of complaining or swearing will help, lol. What we always recommend is for goodness sakes don’t wait till you have 2mls of juice left to place an online order. Give yourself some room to have the mail err of the side of being a day or even two days late because of some federal holiday or wildfire.

By the way we ship about as quickly as we get your order, cut off is generally 1PM on weekdays. Saturdays if your order is in by 10AM you will be good to go. After that point we will ship it the next business day :)

What is Customer Pick up / Local Pick up?

First of all, customer pick up is only an option if your shipping address is within North Carolina.
Please only choose this free shipping option if you are actually going to be able to come into the factory location in Chapel Hill and pick up your juice. Unfortunately we’ve had people who have chosen this option and have actually yelled at us on the phone because they either meant to choose another shipping method or they didn’t understand what Customer Pick up meant. Sadly this doesn’t help anyone do anything either faster or more efficiently. If you accidentally chose it we are happy to fix it for you and add the proper shipping. But do realize it’s not a method to get free shipping when you have no intention of picking it up yourself.
When your order is fulfilled (or rather, your juice is created and bottled) you should get an email that says your order is ready to be picked up at the factory location. You can also feel free to call ahead at 919-338-8182 to check on your order status.

What if I want to pick up my juice at another The Vapor Girl location (other than the Factory)?

Just call you local store and ask them to make you up your 100ml or what not size of your favorite flavor, and they will have it ready for you in a day or two (they will know the lead times). But this is not the same as ordering online and you cannot use coupon codes when ordering with this method.

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