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275+ PURELY Delicious Nicotine Extracted from Locally Grown NC, USA Tobacco | NO PESTICIDES OR RESIDUE

How to Wholesale TVG e Liquids

You can login & place your orders at VapingWith.Us,
our dedicated WHOLESALE e liquid site.

Do you wish to Wholesale The Vapor Girl eLiquids?
We would love to offer wholesale rates to you as well!
We have many choices, from Standard Ratio liquids fit for all, to the most up to the minute, highly demanded MAX VG lines.
All our e liquids are made in North Carolina with USA sourced nicotine, maximum flavor & vapor, and great prices on a highly premium product.
Please give us a call at (919) 338-8182 9-5 M-F and Saturdays 10-4 to reach our factory in North Carolina to get the Login Password for the Website.
Be sure to ask for Jay! 
We can even set you up with a sample kit so you can try our eliquids and see what that pesticide and residue free nicotine and award winning reputation tastes like yourself!
With your account set up you will be able to place orders at any time. We do not have minimum orders so you may place small, frequent orders or larger orders, whichever is best for your budget and cash flow! We understand small to large business's needs.

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