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275+ PURELY Delicious Nicotine Extracted from Locally Grown NC, USA Tobacco | NO PESTICIDES OR RESIDUE

About Us

The Vapor Girl Inc.


Please contact us at the Factory Offices:
telephone: 919-338-2982
email: Info@TheVaporGirl.com

The Vapor Girl Inc.
1851 N Fordham Blvd. Suites 4 & 5
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Opening Hours: 9-5 M-F, 10-6 Sat. EST


The Vapor Girl Inc. manufactures over 280 flavors of e Liquids / e juices consisting of Nicotine that is extracted from tobacco grown here in North Carolina & Kentucky, USA.

Our Nicotine is pesticide and residue free, meaning that there aren't pesticides use on the tobacco, so you never have to worry what you might be vaping.

We currently have several lines of liquids. Our Uber Premium Line is a 55-45 blend that is a perfect ratio for most tanks and usage. Our MAX VG Lines, The Dripping Kitty, Serial Clown, Karma Kustards and Voodoun Juice, are blends dedicated primarily for drippers & sub ohm tanks, and their specific needs.

The Vapor Girl Inc. was born in Chapel Hill, NC on January 5th of 2012. We were specifically delivering hardware to an online market that had never seen colorful or beautiful goods, and creating liquids of flavors that vapers had never of dreamed of yet, including North Carolina centric favorites such as Sweet Potato Pie and Banana Pudding Southern Style.
The Vapor Girl Inc.'s flavors and website began winning awards from such prestigious names in the business such as Spinfuel, and expanded dramtically thru September of 2013, when we began to open our first vape shops.
Our 5000 square foot factory facility is in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in the middle of a state historically known for it's quality tobacco. We had always used only nicotine that was extracted from NC grown tobacco, but beginning in December 2014 we changed to exclusively using the USA nicotine. Our flavors have never tasted so amazing. The taste simply stands on it's own. We do not skimp, we do not need 'flavor shots', no one ever asks if we can give them additional flavor. We use the best ingredients which are not inexpensive, and use tried and tested methods to create and manufacture the finest premium quality e liquids /e juices that you can possibly find in the USA. We constantly are working at creating new flavors for our customers whom we humbly serve. For they are the reason we do what we do.
Our website has narrowed it's vision to carry only e liquids so we can concentrate on providing the finest service to our customers. We know we make the very best e liquids in the country, and we are pleased to be able to offer them to the world. We even wholesale gallons of our liquids to France! Yet we needed to reach out to our local community. North Carolina has many smokers. Our state was raised on smoking. We know we have a lot of work to do here.
We now have 5 Full Service Vape Shops (and are actively seeking our 6th location), which not only carry our own Premium Award Winning e Liquids with USA Nicotine, but Powerful Vaping Hardware including Box Mods,Starter Kits, Building Supplies and the latest vaping products. There large Vapor Bars for tasting e Liquids and a spacious vaping lounges for relaxing & building. Excellent customer service by trained personnel can help you from quitting smoking & starting vaping to teaching you how to build mechs. We really enjoy working with our fellow smokers/vapers and were even honored with getting a nomination for the Best Medium Sized Business 2015 by our local Chapel HIll/Carrboro Chamber of Congress! 

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