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275+ PURELY Delicious Nicotine Extracted from Locally Grown NC, USA Tobacco | NO PESTICIDES OR RESIDUE


Stylish clips that work easily with you mech, mod or battery to hold in your pocket or hook onto other things.

ECLYP OMNI for Box Mods

$5.50 USD
$9.50 USD

ECLYP OMNI for Box Mods

$5.50 USD $9.50 USD

The Eclyp Omni is a pocket clip for your mechanical mod or box. It fits snugly between your tank and mod by sliding over the 510 adapter that comes free...

Pocket Eclyp / Mod Clip / Eclyp II

$3.99 USD $6.99 USD

The Pocket Eclyp works with standard sized 22mm Mods such as the Aspire CF, Lancelot, etc. Usually anything that takes an 18650 battery. You just push it on and voila!...

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