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Things I talk about to my customers, face to face, in the store, that I would like to share with my online customers:

Posted on September 27 2015

I was helping this nice man the other day try to find a new flavor of liquid at the factory store bar. I knew that he had probably tried all the old flavors so I directed him over to the voodoun line. He was so excited to try some new things and I was nervous in trying to find something he would like. Turns out I nailed 2 that he loved by just listening to his needs.

He ended up going home with 2 of the voodoun flavors:

Erzulie Lust 



Just made me really happy also that I could recommend to him to cut his nic in half. You see when we all went from non sub ohm tanks to any of the new sub ohms we all cut our nic by at least half. I went from a 6 to a 3. In fact, when I just upgraded to the smoketech tfv4 and the xcube2, which I’m in love with, I went to a 1!!!!!!!!!!! So I gotta get mine mixed up super special now!

But this customer had not used a sub ohm tank before, so I was able to warn him to cut it in half right away so he didn’t lose money and/or hack a bunch with the first bottles, possibly getting his body used to more nic than he had cut down to.

So this made me thing two things:
1) Let’s make sure online customers know they can write us or call us for flavor suggestions. After all, they can’t even taste them! And we know these flavors very well.
2) Let ME make sure when I pass a proverbial pearl of wisdom onto a customer I should reiterate it on this blog so hopefully it can help someone else!

And tell that to everyone who looks at you funny when they see you vape darn it.


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