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Vaping is 95% Safer Than Smoking says government study!

Posted on August 23 2015

Fantastic News for those of us who vape and no longer smoke! Vaping is SAFE!

Those of us who vape and don't smoke anymore already know that we don't get sick hardly ever anymore, we feel great, our doctors are proud of us, our blood pressure is down, we can climb stairs again without getting winded, have sex and enjoy vaping IN BED right afterwards (and maybe even vape a little during a particular long sex session!) So it's really great to actually have scientists agree with us. In this British Study with 3D Reconstructed Human Airway Tissue and e cig Vapor, the entire abstract boils down to the following point:

Using an aggressive puffing regime, e-cigarette aerosol showed little cytotoxicity. Or in other words, vaping a lot of ecigs doesn't cause harm to your body. Hooray. Thank you. We know this in our hearts but in order for our governments to know what to do, it's sure nice to have scientists actually saying what our gut is telling us.



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