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275+ PURELY Delicious Nicotine Extracted from Locally Grown NC, USA Tobacco | NO PESTICIDES OR RESIDUE

Franchise Opportunities Coming Soon!

Posted on May 15 2015

The Vapor Girl stores in North Carolina have been so overwhelmingly popular that we will have Franchise Opportunities soon!

If you can't wait and need our e liquid in old, new or upcoming store, please give us a call at (919) 338-8182 and ask for Sarah or Jay.......They will get you started. We've got a great wholesale packet to send to you. Once you are on board, we have a password protected, dedicated wholesale website for you to order any time day or night. We are known for how quickly we get your orders out, a few dozen or a few dozen thousand :) We have done our research and found that our wholesale prices are extremely competitive for ACTUAL USA MADE and SOURCED e Liquid. Of course if you are comparing to liquids made with chinese or indian nicotine we will be more expensive, but we find that most people would rather not potentially be vaping pesticides :)


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