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    The V-Core 2.0 rebuildable atomizer and wicking is a separate layer on the clearomizer device, allowing for separation for superior air flow, wicking, vapor and flavor. 
    Mind blowing design comes in crystal clear, blue, purple and black.
    Chrome mouthpiece appears to be integrated into the chrome top but is removable for customization.
    The V-CORE 2.0 has a 510 threading.

    The top portion separates from the bottom liquid chamber to allow a huge refill area that you can drip or pour into. The wicking hangs from the top portion into the chamber liquid chamber.
    The air flow is controlled for superior flavor and vapor by small holes in the base. Allows the draw to not be too tight! The proper oxygen mixture allows the atomizer to burn the fluid at the perfect temperature for the maximum flavor and vapor. When you can fine tune your V-CORE 2.0 in your SUB for example, you may never use another device again.

    We have the replacement cores (atty + wicking) in other ohms for your vaping pleasure.

    The Dual Layer V-CORE has 4 parts. I am going to relate them to parts of a house to make it easier. Or to completely mix you up. Your choice.

    Drip Tip "Chimney" mouthpiece
    Top "Roof"- It's solid metal, and you unscrew that part so you can remove the wick. The Drip Tip screws into it.
    First Floor- where the atomizer is, and the wicking is attached to. It's also like a chamber. It doesn't hold any liquid and you don't fill this area.
    Chamber- "Basement"- this is where you POUR your e liquid into. The wicks kind of dangle into this area, like they are squid with their tentacles, or roots in a hydroponic system, soaking up the water.

    This thing is so awesome having all these parts, because you can clean it so easily and there is nothing to make it difficult! All the threading is well made. Nothing about this (or any of the products from this Factory) is cheaply made.

    When you need to fill it up THE FIRST TIME this is my method. The first 3 steps are for priming your virgin clearo. Oh, and if you don't know this or don't practice this, start doing it today: Don't EVER fill any carto or clearo when it's screwed onto your battery. Period. I've got customers who use an old dead battery for a "refilling station" so to speak. Because it makes it easier to hold and balance. But don't leave it on your good battery. It'll take 10 seconds to unscrew it. You've got 10 seconds. Otherwise you'll be in the habit of not removing it, and the next thing you know you got some liquid down the middle tube on something and it leaks all over your battery. And you may or may not have just ruined it.

    1) Unscrew the  "Roof"..This gains you access to the top of the atomizer.

    2) Drip a little bit of juice over the wicking you can see coming out from the atomizer. It's dry now, so I don't think there is anything wrong with moistening it up a little. If you don't know by now, it's very important to keep wicks moist. Once they go dry, that is when they burn. And burnt wicks cannot be fixed, you just have to replace them. They taste horrid.

    3) Screw it back together. When you screw things together, tighten firmly yet not overly. Stop when you get the first bit of resistance. You don't want to put undo pressure into your movements. Not necessarily something I'm mentioning here with this, but with everything in general having to do with ecigs. Screwing things into chargers, screwing clearos onto batts.... no need to overly tighten.

    4) Unscrew the basement chamber from the first floor. Lay the first floor section on it's side on a towel, tissue, etc.

    5) Fill the basement chamber with about 3 ml of your favorite juice. I literally pour juice in from a bottle as that's how we have the majority of our liquids here. You can pour, squirt, drip... there's quite a large area between the side and that middle tube.
    (It might end up to be more than 3 ml total after the wicks soak up some then you go back and top it off. I'm pretty sure mine get about 3.5 ml in there, but I'm always worried when I screw it back together and the wicks dip back in, that it will overflow as I screwing. So I probably don't add as much as I could.)

    6) Hold the basement chamber with your left hand while screw the roof part back on, making sure all 4 of the bottoms of the wicks dip into the juice, nicely around that center tube. 

    7) Watch it wick up some of the juice. I watch cause I think it's fun. But you can set it down. In about a minute the wick has sucked up a bunch of the liquid. At this time I like to top it off with some more juice.

    Then just enjoy it.
    The reason I do step one-three is THE FIRST TIME, for priming. The wick of course is dry so I just like to give it a couple drops to not give it a chance to remain dry.

    Then you never have to do anything but just fill it up.

    Using it with the SUB, at around 3.7 volts (with enclosed atomizer) it's going to last a long time. It's weird because anything else that tastes that darn good and makes that much vapor goes thru juice like mad. This one is very conservative. And I know that is important to some people.

    V-CORE 2.0 with pre-installed 2.4 ohms core.

    Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean all parts of the atomizer, especially the threaded end that makes contact with the battery. Now take a tissue and hold it to the threaded end while blowing into it. You should see some tan colored liquid on the tissue. This is the e-liquid or nicotine residue that is not vaporized. You may get some e-liquid on your lips or in your mouth and it will taste bad but it will not hurt you. (You actually should always blow this out after refilling. Because of course, you have removed the device from the battery before filling!) Don't use regular tap water to rinse your atomizing device with as it contains far too many items you do not wish to collect inside. Use distilled water to soak your device, and rinse anything that you can get at easily without flexing anything or moving anything around in a manner that is not natural for the device. Always clean the mouthpiece separately. Items that have removable cores are much easier to clean as you can actually get the water to flow more easily into areas. Around the house here we've found that items with wicks function in a superior manner if the wicks are rinsed about every other day. The wicks are very delicate! We learned they can tear easily. If you decide to take your items apart to clean them, you must accept the fact that they might never go back together again properly! So take your time and work over an area that if something is dropped, it does not go down a drain or onto a floor with dog hair.

    Some people choose to spend their time vaping and not cleaning. That is fine, too. Just be prepared you will have to replace things more often. Either way, even if you used a new ce4 every day, chances are you are still saving money, and of course your health. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you think your atomizing unit has declined, and it's full of liquid, you can fairly easily remove the liquid. If you take your bottle with the blunt nosed syringe end, or a syringe with a dispensing tip, you can suck the liquid out. For the bottle, press it in gently, hold it, bring the tip of the needle into the liquid, and slowly release the pressure. This should get most of the liquid out so you can begin to investigate what the issue is, or toss it in the trash!

    Overall Customer Rating of 33 Reviews:

    Best I've tried so far

    I've used a lot of clearomizers in the past, including the CE4, CE5, Tabac bottom coil, and the evod, and none of them has consistently produced clear, thick vapor like this one. Love it!!

    So happy with this purchase ill deff start ordering from thevaporgirl all the time!!

    So happy with this purchase ill deff start ordering from thevaporgirl all the time!!

    So happy with this purchase ill deff start ordering from thevaporgirl all the time!!

    So happy with this purchase ill deff start ordering from thevaporgirl all the time!!

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