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    The Magic is basically a pen sized personal atomizer with a soft, rubbery texture, that comes in black, crimson and cobalt. The colors are very rich and the texture is pleasant, making the Magic a pleasure to use. The mouthpiece is soft and "chew-able" making it more inviting to put in your mouth. The battery portion is very simple to control with a light touch. The LED screen is clear to view. The design is award winning yet discreet.

    Please note, this atomizer will give you a much stronger effect from your herbal mixes than what you experience with combustion. Since it uses heat from all sides, like convection, your dry blend is reduced to a fine powder ash. Take it slow, and learn how this experience differs from other methods.

    This Magic is basically the Atmos you see at other sites, for $189.00. I am not sure why they charge so much more than we do, or why they claim it is made in America, but I can assure you, you will get the same performance and fantastic delight with our product which is less than half the cost.

    Is this really what I think it is?

    Yes, the Magic Raw Herbal Atomizer is a high quality, incredibly well made device that can be used for vaporizing  holistic herbs, tobacco, etc. We have had many concerns with the friends and family who have had to use some of these items, and wanted to help alleviate the carcinogenic nature of their treatments. After all, who wants to get cancer these days when you can get your hands on a device that can vaporize for you? 

    I've heard these are hard to use?

    If you have no support in trying to use a raw herbal atomizer for the first time, you will probably have a poor result. Using manuals written in one language and translated into English are generally not the finest way to learn how to do something that requires even the slightest amount of skill. Even putting together a shelving system!!! So we've worked with the Magic Raw Herbal Atomizer many times to find the perfect way to use it. We'll send out an instructional sheet written by us, all native English speakers, to guide you thru the process. It's really very simple. You just need to know what not to do, and how to do what you are supposed to do!

    Where can I use this?

    Many people will agree that it seems like the USA has different laws on herbal remedies and tobacco from one day to the next. But with these Magic's being so subtle and discrete, you won't have to worry about making a big scene wherever you end up using it. We've made sure these things are legal in every state. You can be discreet and not bother other people. Whether you are using it for tobacco or holistic herbs or what not, the vapor released from the Magic will not be harmful to those around you and you will not receive the carcinogens that would be released with the traditional fire and combustion methods.

    What about my friends?

    We suggest that you keep an eye on your device! Your Magic will be an object of interest and your friends are going to want to try it. Don't let your friends borrow it or you might never see it again! We've got them at a very low price to allow for everyone who may benefit from them can afford them. We think of our customers as people, not as numbers, so we know that there are people who can really use our products who might not be able to afford them if we marked them up like some other vendors seem to do. We've seen this same device for sale at almost $200.... we're not sure why it's that expensive! But then again, The Vapor Girl, Inc. is here for people, human beings whom we love. So we will keep these guys in stock along with the accessory kits and extra ceramic heating chambers at low prices ~ you won't ever have to worry.

    How hot does this thing get?

    The Magic has a maximum temperature of 400 Degrees F and a minimum temperature of 375 Degrees F in under 10 seconds. The Temperature level is dictated by the rate of the draw along with placement of the blend inside the heating chamber. You will basically allow the Magic to heat for 2-3 seconds before your first drag. If you press your button for longer than 9 seconds, it will automatically shut off for safety. Just wait 5 seconds to reactivate if needed. All this will be covered in detail in your package.

    Magic Raw Herbal Atomizer Kit Contains:

    1. Rubber Mouthpiece
    2. Ceramic Filter~allows a smooth airflow from the Ceramic Heating Chamber to the Rubber Mouthpiece. Fitting directly into the Rubber Mouthpiece, this filter is designed to cool air before passing to the rubber mouthpiece, preventing heat from entering your mouth.
    3. Mesh Filter~ located in the Chamber Connector and acts as the first line of protection from any particles before reaching the Ceramic Filter.
    4. Spring x3~applies pressure to the dried blends within the Ceramic Heating Chamber to allow for even heating throughout. There will be no need to open the device to make sure that all the dried blends were used. This gets swept with your little brush before refilling.
    5. Chamber Connector~ houses the Mesh filter and the Spring. Also, it connects between the Rubber Mouthpiece and Ceramic Heating Chamber.
    6. Ceramic Heating Chamber~is made out of stainless steel and ceramic parts, it heats your ground dried blends and releases the vapor through the Rubber Mouthpiece with the draw of your breath.
    7. 650 mAh Lithium Ion LCD Battery - lasts suprisingly long as you won't be using it like you are vaping nicotine. Ours have lasted a week or longer. The LCD will allow you to see how much battery is left and how many hits have been taken. A simple push of the power button activates the device and the LCD display.
    8. Packing Tool~ use to gently pack your dried blend into place
    9. Cleaning Brush~ use to gently clean the ceramic chamber and spring
    10. USB adapter~ No worries about overcharging! Once fully charged the inside protection circuit on the Magic battery will close by itself to avoid overcharging and all indicator lights will automatically turn off. 
    11. Wall Charger
    12. User Manual
    13. Storage Box
    14. TVG instructional print out- Read ours first!!!!!!!!
    15. MESH SCREEN- some people wanted an extra little screen so we started to include them!

    Overall Customer Rating of 8 Reviews:

    My New GoTo

    I've been using an e-cig for 4+ years but when it comes to anything herbal, I was still using the old fashioned methods. I bought the kit after watching a video review of a nearly identical but much pricier system and began researching. I found The Vapor Girl and this item and took a gamble. It was well worth it. I've had this for about 4 months and use it 2-3 times daily. After all this time and a few cleanings, it still performs the same as it did on day one. The battery lasts for about 100 decent hits before needing a recharge. It doesn't affect my lungs nearly as much as the old fashioned method.

    You can't go wrong with this one!

    Houston, Texas


    This product is by far the best i have gotten from Vapor Girl. Just love it!

    Magic Atomizer

    • price
    • style
    • portable
    Simply wonderful! I initially had an issue with the battery connecting to the charger but Vapor Girl staff were prompt in response to correcting it and I was vaping within the week!!


    Best alternative to smoking I've found

    • quality
    • price
    This is seriously the best thing I've found for "smoking" the raw herb. Great price for what you get, it would even be worth the full price. The battery life is phenomenal as well!


    LOVE this item!

    Wasn't sure what all the vaping was about and found The Vapor Girl! This site explained everything so clearly so I ordered the raw herb vaporizer kit. Everything came in a nice box and was real easy to use. I'm ordering the carry case and another vaporizer as I write this! Thank you TVG!

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