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  • Sardonyx Agate
  • Moss Agate
  • Leopard
  • Jade
  • Cherry Wood

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The Phoenix W is the first e-pipe in it's class!
The beauty of this e-pipe is the simplicity of the design. No longer do you have to find a proprietary clearo or carto to use with your e-pipe! You just use the easy to use, easy to replace W clearomizer which hides completely inside of the e-pipe. The design is sleek and sexy.
There are 5 designs with various colorations. Each one is completely and utterly different. We've given you a random sampling in the photos of how different each one can actually be. For your order, we will select an e-pipe for you, there is no way for you to ask for any specific variation. (Other than the color scheme!)
Although the e-pipes really resemble jade, moss agate, cherry wood, etc., they really aren't jade, moss agate, cherry wood, etc. They are heavy weight, and finely crafted. Please see the Sherlock e pipe that is real solid wood, if that is what you desire :)
In order to charge, you remove the W clearo and twist in the USB charger into the base unit. Very simple.

How to FILL the Phoenix e-pipe:

Phoenix e-pipe: Unscrew Mouthpiece#1 Unscrew the e-pipe mouthpiece

Unscrew the W clearomizer out of the e-pipe body
#2 Unscrew the W clearomizer out of the e-pipe body.

Fill the W clearomizers with your syringe tipped e-liquid bottle!

#3 Fill up the W clearomizer using your syringe tipped e-liquid bottle! Let the liquid saturate the wicking and then you are ready to vape!

Phoenix W e-Pipe Kit comes complete, with everything you need to start vaping right away!

One (1) Pipe Body

One (1) Mouthpiece
Two (2) W clearomizers (replaceable, and sold here at The Vapor Girl!)
One (1) USB Charger
One (1) Wall Charger
One (1) User Manual
One (1) Very Nice Gift Box

Please note this does not come with e-liquid during this sale period!

Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:


I know this will probably be deleted but I need to get this off my chest. I purchased 2 Phoenix W e-pipes at $99.99 each plus clearomizers for my husband. He was very excited. Neither pipe worked more than a week. They would not charge correctly. I managed to get one pipe replaced but it didn't work over a week either. The batteries went haywire and would not work. One even stopped charging altogether. I finally gave up after investing over $200.00 on a product that was terribly inferior. The quality of the pipes was excellent, heavy duty and well made. They just don't work so I wasted my money. I was told when I called that hundreds of these pipes had been sold and very few had problems. All 3 of ours had major problems and now they are in a box not being used. Just a big waste of money and my husband is very disappointed!

San Francisco, Ca.

Terry Brannan

Love the Phoenix E-pipe, only trouble is I can't get replacement parts for it. Need some new w cleanomizers, but always out of stock. I don't know if they are still in business. can't get the parts anywhere else that I have tried. Bummer

Las Vegas, Nv

My boyfriend loves it so much he won't put it down.

I got the pipe for my boyfriend for christmas. There is not a single shop in the town I live in that sells e pipes of any kind. I was looking for something unique, but something that looked very similar to a real pipe. The vapor girl website offered this to me. I called to place my order because I know nothing about vapor and flavors and level of nicotine. The woman I spoke with was very nice and very helpful. Shipping was fast, I received the package within 3 days, which being the week before christmas and the fact that it was being shipped across the country, I was quite impressed on how fast the company sent it out. There was even a hand written thank you from the owner/manager on the receipt. When I gave this e pipe to my boyfriend, he was head over heels. He loves it so much that he won't put it down. In fact, since he opened this gift, I haven't seen him smoke from his e cigarette since! Over all it was a great experience and I will defiantly be shopping here again and referring them to friends.

Great pipe for the price!!!

  • Looks like a real pipe in feel and use.
  • Priced just right for the new user.
  • Really fast shipping.
  • No more tobacco smell on your clothes.
  • Non-smokers I know like the aroma.
  • Customer service hard to contact.
  • Instructions would be nice for newbies.
Just received my order and was pleased with it's quality and construction. Since i'm a novice at this and have only experimented with an e-cigarette this is above and beyond superior to that. This so closely mirrors an actual smoking experience. I ordered 18 nic which vapor girl said would closely be the strength of real cigarettes. The pipe is easy to use. No buttons to push - completely automatic in operation. After the first day I tossed the malboros in the trash and don't plan to look back let alone pay all that money again. I figure I can recoup the cost of the pipe just in the first thirty days of use.



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Its pink for me love it

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