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ClouTank M3 WAX Core dry herb,vape herb,best herb vape
Price: $3.99

    Made for vaporizing wax products perfectly and simply. We have heard that it works fantastically, just all wax products will be messy. There doesn't seem to be a way around it. But our customers tell us they last for quite some time and they are very pleased with the experience.

    Herbal Atomizers!
    Retail: $25.00
    Price: $14.99

      Magic Vaporizer Colors
      Retail: $189.99
      Price: $59.99

        The Magic is basically a pen sized personal atomizer with a soft, rubbery texture, that comes in black, crimson and cobalt. The colors are very rich and the texture is pleasant, making the Magic a pleasure to use. The mouthpiece is soft and "chew-able" making it more inviting to put in your mouth. The battery portion is very simple to control with a light touch. The LED screen is clear to view. The design is award winning yet discreet.Please note, this atomizer will give you a much...