Herbal Vaporizers are generally considered a cleaner fresher way to consume tobacco, herbal remedies and medical cannabis (in locals where this is available). Herbal Vaporizers provide a cleaner smoke through vaporizing the moisture in the plant matter, with less scorching and flame.
There are many articles that refer to the atomized delivery system you get with vaping to be much more highly effiecient, and much safer, to your body than anything you are actually smoking. The desired effects are generally stronger and longer lasting, although they may take a few minutes for you to feel them, so you must be careful and take your time :)

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Herbal Atomizers!
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Magic Vaporizer Colors
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The Magic is basically a pen sized personal atomizer with a soft, rubbery texture, that comes in black, crimson and cobalt. The colors are very rich and the texture is pleasant, making the Magic a pleasure to use. The mouthpiece is soft and "chew-able" making it more inviting to put in your mouth. The battery portion is very simple to control with a light touch. The LED screen is clear to view. The design is award winning yet discreet.Please note, this atomizer will give you a much...

Magic Ceramic Heating Chamber
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Magic Accessory Kit
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