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Our Electronic Pipes and Electronic Cigars are Satisfyingly Realistic!

Our e-pipes and e-cigars are chosen as the BEST we have had the pleasure to use. They create great vapor & taste, along with their handsome good looks. Electronic pipes and cigars will allow you to continue your personal rituals in a healthy manner! Plus the traditional sexiness that is associated with pipes and cigars is elevated to the next level!

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Phoenix W e-Pipe
Price: $99.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: PHOE -

The Phoenix W is the first e-pipe in it's class! The beauty of this e-pipe is the simplicity of the design. No longer do you have to find a proprietary clearo or carto to use with your e-pipe! You just use the easy to use, easy to replace W clearomizer which hides completely inside of the e-pipe. The design is sleek and sexy. There are 5 designs with various colorations. Each one is completely and utterly different. We've given you a random sampling in the photos of how different each one can...

The REAL WOOD Sherlock e-pipe fits all eGo atomizers!
Retail: $100.00
Price: $79.90
Availability: Out of Stock
The Vapor Girl Inc. Item #: E-Pipe-sher -

    The Sherlock e-Pipe is the very first REAL WOOD e-pipe! Also very distinguishable is that it is made entirely for The Vapor Girl Inc. We are the ONLY place you will find in the WORLD that have this e-pipe with the eGo fitting- made to fit not just a Ce4, but fits any and all eGo threaded atomizers!!!!! Plus this is our favorite style of pipe that comes with the rechargeable, removable batteries. So think of this as just a very handsome battery~ You don't have to use any proprietary items with...

    W clearomizer
    Price: $4.99
    Availability: Out of Stock

      W style clearo! Basic W clearo works as refill for our Phoenix Pipes & Premium Egp Starter Kits!