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Our Uber Premium Organic Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Liquid is the BEST e juice in America! 

Our Uber Premium Organic Nicotine e liquid packaged in glass dropper bottles is the highest premium juice available. Our organic nicotine goes thru a very special process as it is extracted from the organic tobacco fields right here in North Carolina. Our organic e juice is so delicious we can't even begin to explain it to you... you must taste it for yourself.

Here at The Vapor Girl, we LOVE TO VAPE. We love it so much, we spend our days and nights experimenting with new e juice flavors, tweaking old flavors, testing and retesting ideas for even more vapor juice and e liquid flavors. We have formed our LIVES around the love of vaping. And no one can have an enjoyable time vaping without great e liquid. We know ours is the best electronic cigarette juice available. We know as we have tried Read our e liquid reviews and you will see how many people agree with us!

In our retail stores, customers are amazed on a daily basis as how good our is. Many are skeptical at first thinking we are the same as everyone else. Yet no one leaves still thinking that is the case. Everyone who has tried our electronic cigarette liquids leaves a convert. Our base is extraordinary- a perfect  mix of PG and VG- where we use only the purest organic liquid nicotine extracted from organic tobacco grown close to our homes in North Carolina. You can taste the purity. (Or more specifically, you cannot taste it!) It makes our flavors sing. Awards for the best e liquid Flavors keep being awarded to us. Plus over 18,000 current customers purchase our vapor juice on a consistent basis. 

Never ones to rest on our laurels, We now make a special ratio of base for our new Dripping Juice line. Considered a specialty liquid, dripping juice is made for people using RDA's. Dripping Juice not only creates the richest Flavors, but plumes of vapor for those Cloud Chasers at heart. The Dripping Juice line should debut online very soon. Many of our customers at the factory location in Chapel Hill, NC have already been enjoying dripping our juice into their RDA's, and we wish to spread the love! Our Dripping Kitty line will also feature Organic  Nicotine extracted form NC grown tobacco, and will have a different ratio of pg/vg to satisfy the Flavour and Vapour rich needs so the Cloud Chaser.

We have hundreds of flavorings we use- very safe flavors that are created for the food industries- flavorings that we spend the utmost time and care playing with, expanding our line. We don't just create new e liquids because someone is paying us. It's our lives! 

Nothing gives us as much pleasure, here at The Vapor Girl, than being able to contribute to the well being and health of our customers. No one can continue the struggle of staying away from "real" cigarettes without having flavors to vape that you love. You need to put into that fake cigarette the most delicious e juice in order to continue vaping, thus extending the health benefits. We have over 260 hand crafted, made with love, e liquid flavors that you can truly enjoy, and those flavors produce enough vapor and throat hit that keep you coming back for more. 

We have store customers who actually come in daily to see what's new. We have created e liquid flavors with customers- hand in hand- to be able to give them what they want and need so they can continue to live a longer, healthier, more satisfying life! We absolutely are certain that our electronic liquids are the best that can be purchased, anywhere, by anyone. 

We do so hope that we can make an important difference in your life, too. 

We look forward to serving you and enhancing your life with the most delicious e liquids in the USA.

Our Uber Premium Liquid and Dripping Juice are available only in custom green glass jars with glass drippers. Our designer labels have gone thru a redesign process that have emerged like a glorious Phoenix, leaving no doubt The Vapor Girl has the best e liquids in America.

Basic Formula for our Uber Organic Line of E Liquids / E Juice at The Vapor Girl Inc.

All the Uber Organic Line of e liquid flavors here at The Vapor Girl are made with 55% PG, 45% VG, liquid organic nicotine extracted from tobacco grown in North Carolina (except in 0 nicotine blends) and flavorings. We have found this gives us the fullest flavor, biggest vapor, and most satisfying throat hit of all combinations we have experimented with..

Not to mention Pure, Smooth, & Delicious.


Our flavorings DO NOT contain sugars, protein, genetic modified ingredients, preservatives and colors. Safe for diabetics, vegetarian and vegans (vegan and vegetarians beware of meat flavors do contain natural flavoring). If you want the feeling of icy coolness but NOT the mint or menthol FLAVOR, be sure to add "ICY" to your e-liquid order :)

PG= Propolyne Glycol Food Grade - USP GRADE

An  organic compound with formula of HO-CH2-CHOH-CH3. (OK, I like Chemistry!)
nearly odorless,
with a faintly sweet taste (adds sweetness to the e-liquid without adding a sweetener),
Hygroscopic (Hygroscopy is the ability of a substance to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment),
and Miscible with water (Miscible means that it blends well with water and water soluble fluids.)

It is a fairly thin liquid so we like using it at 55% to keep the throat hits strong and the e liquid itself runny enough to wick quickly in any clearomizer. The faintly sweet taste enhances our flavorings without us having to use sweeteners. Although we do provide bottles of "Sweet" for those who have a sweet tooth and yearn for sweeter e liquid flavors!

VG= Vegetable Glycerine Pure Kosher Food Grade - USP Grade

Our VG is Vegetable Sourced. There are some places that use Glycerine that is not vegetable (or plant based) but animal based. But we believe in keeping animals as pets, not using them in our e-liquids! Basically, Glycerine is a Sugar Alcohol, has a slight sweetness, and is commonly used in the food sciences as it helps transport sweeteners but isn't broken down by bacteria. For example, it is added to chewing gum as it does not contribute to tooth decay. You might have seen "Sorbitol" or "Xylitol" listed on your favorite gum. It is not metabolized as sugar in the body and doesn’t cause a rise in blood sugar. For that reason, it’s sometimes used as a sweetener in foods marketed to diabetics and low-carb dieters. 

It is a very viscous liquid (THICK!) so we like using it at 45% so our vapor production is very good, yet the e liquid itself flows easily and wicks quickly, allowing for continuous productive hits.

ORGANIC Liquid Nicotine Extracted From North Carolina Tobacco

This is a standard Certificate of Analysis that we receive with each Nicotine Shipment. 
There was a small amount of info redacted for security & privacy issues.

Our nicotine fluid used at The Vapor Girl is extracted from Tobacco plants grown right here in North Carolina, in close proximity to our E Liquid Creation Artisan Studio. The nicotine extraction process is 3C!-Cold/Closed Extraction, Cold Refinement Technology Nicotine Concentrate Solutions. By utilizing tobacco raised free of pesticides, growth control agents and herbicides extracts pure nicotine in a process completely free of heat, organic chemicals and solvents. One of the cleanest, clearest, most stable Nicotine Concentrate Solutions in the world, our Nicotine solution is extracted 24-36 hours prior to shipment and quick-chilled to lock in freshness. The result is a flavorless nicotine product that is heavy metal and Diacetyl-Free staying stable with age.

As a consumer of The Vapor Girl E Liquids, you can feel very proud of your choice to vape our products!