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The Vapor Girl

The Vapor Girl has their own factory in Chapel Hill, North Carolina which produces uber-premium e liquids with Organic Nicotine Extracted from Organically grown, North Carolina Tobacco in small, individual batches. With this perspecitive, the mixers at The Vapor Girl are able to create high quality e juice in the same tradition as our local small town breweries. The variety of flavors for vapers to choose from is a wonder to behold, & they experiment daily with the walk in customers, always ready to explore, comment, and suggest.

The other side of the coin is the fine hardware The Vapor Girl sells. Each employee works with & tests each device: no e cigarette hardware is sold that under performs. Each employee undergoes classes and testing to make certain their knowledge is complete. They purchase directly from Anyvape, Aspire, Kanger, Innokin, Walrus, Yiloong, and Eycotech, with excellent relationships with each factory. As each of the TVG employees are vapers, with high standards, everyone understands & is fully enratptured in the fine hardware that produces the ulitmate flavor and vaperage!