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Strawberries and Champagne E Liquid Flavor

Strawberries and Champagne

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Vanilla Custard E Liquid Flavor

Vanilla Custard

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Menthol Tobacco E Liquid Flavor

Menthol Tobacco

Price: $6.99

Sugar Cookie E Liquid Flavor

Sugar Cookie

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Premium eGo VV SPINNER Starter Kit

Price: $69.99

The Best E Liquid in America!

Why would you want to try The Vapor Girl E Juices over any other brand of E Liquids? 

Because we are the best E Liquid in the USA. Our Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid is like no one else's as we mix is from pure ingredients here in our North Carolina factory using liquid nicotine that is extracted from tobacco plants grown right down the road from us in NC. Many people have said The Vapor Girl has the BEST e juice in America! Just read a few of our e liquid reviews to see what others have to say if you don't believe just us : )

See, all of us at The Vapor Girl LOVE TO VAPE. Vaping is our lives and our work. We love it so much, we spend our days and nights experimenting with new e juice flavors, tweaking old flavors, testing and retesting ideas for even more e liquid flavors. We have formed our LIVES around the love of vaping. And no one can have an enjoyable time vaping without great e liquid. We know ours is the best electronic cigarette juice available. We know as we have tried them all. Read our e liquid reviews and you will see how many people agree with us!

In our local retail stores in Chapel Hill, NC, customers are amazed on a daily basis as how good our e juice is. Many are skeptical at first thinking we are the same as everyone else. Then they relax into at comfy bar seat at our vapor lounge, and allow the magic to begin. Our local customers can enjoy tasting any and all e liquids for free, and many come weekly if not daily to see what is new! Because once you vape our tasty, delicious electronic cigarette liquids, you become a convert. Our customers’ only regret is that they have many e juice liquids at home that they have to throw away! Once you find that e liquids don’t have to have that certain “blech” flavor, and flavors can be pure and true, you don’t ever want other brands of e juice!

The most necessary part of our premium liquids is our extraordinary base- a perfect 70-30 mix of PG and VG- where we use only the purest liquid nicotine extracted from tobacco grown close to our homes in North Carolina. You can taste the purity. (Or more specifically, you cannot taste it!) It makes our flavors sing. We have hundreds of flavorings we use- very safe flavors that are created for the food industries- flavorings that we spend the utmost time and care playing with, expanding our line. Think of our factory as a gourmet kitchen for the fanciest of restaurants (or Martha Stewart, lol.)

We don't just create new e liquids because someone is paying us. It's our lives! Nothing gives us as much pleasure, here at The Vapor Girl, than being able to contribute to the well-being and health of our customers. No one can continue the struggle of staying away from "real" cigarettes without having flavors to vape that you love. You need to put into that fake cigarette the most delicious e juice in order to continue vaping. Flavors that you can truly enjoy, and produce enough vapor and throat hit that keep you coming back for more. that's why  we know The Vapor Girl has the best e liquids in the USA!

As stated earlier, we have store customers who actually come in daily to see what's new. We have created e liquid flavors with customers- hand in hand- to be able to give them what they want and need so they can continue to live a longer, healthier, more satisfying life! We absolutely are certain that our electronic liquids are the best that can be purchased, anywhere, by anyone. We do so hope that we can make an important difference in your life, too. We look forward to serving you and enhancing your life with the most delicious e liquids in America.

We also work to wholesale our e liquids around the country and around the world! From France to Las Vegas, other retail vaping shops carry our e liquids. In fact if you would like more information about wholesaling The Vapor Girl Inc. Premium line of electronic cigarette liquids please call us and you can also visit USAnicJuice.com . If you aren’t a shop but wish for your local vape shop to carry our line of e liquids, please pass on this info to them so they can find out more! Vape shops love us!

Have you noticed so many vape shops carry “USA” brands, yet often they still don’t taste so good? Many “USA” brands don’t use nicotine extracted from American grown tobacco. We don’t seem to recall in school growing up and learning about the wonderful tobacco fields in China, do you? Perhaps it’s just being indoctrinated in the South, but I’ve always been aware that the American South, primarily North Carolina and Virginia, historically have been where the healthiest and most productive tobacco farming has been in the world. We are very proud, here at The Vapor Girl Inc., to help support the North Carolina farmer. And we know as being a North Carolina agriculture product, our e-liquids would make the farmers proud as well.